5 March 2009

What Did I do last February?

First Solar Car in the Philippines

February is a busy month for me not because of Valentines Day .This is the scheduled month of our Statistical Process Control Audit in the company .It is basically a presentation of our updates and improvements made every process in terms of yield,cost reduction and machine efficiency oh well its all about manufacturing aspect.The event is important to all sun power people aside from the rewards and plaque that will be given for the chosen best team. The challenge is we will be presenting to our Big Bosses from United States,Solar Cell Clients and Solar Panel Investors.Well, I am lucky that I belong to the best team.lol.Our teamwork , brainstorming and long hours duty in making our presentation forfeit us for winning the second place!I will post few pictures of our bonding moments :)

smile pa din kahit malaki na eyebags

the brainstorming ever

We treat ourselves :

Bonding moments:

teamwork for life:

For now we are still arranging our work schedule for managers treat ! wow...
We are excited !!!

All of us wish that we will be chosen to present this coming Engineering Summit! go...go...

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