20 March 2009

Save your File

Do you mind of saving files in your computer?I hope so ! How important is your files stored in your personal computer or laptop? I had a traumatic experience of saving my file in a computer.At work, we have an account in local network folder.All files was very important to me! It so happen that local folder network got down during our meeting.All our reports was save on the local folder so, meeting was canceled that week.The IT group try their best to recover all our files but unfortunately it didn't work.File backup is very important.If you have File Extension BAK in your computer the better because everything you save will be safe!you may ask me, why? Its because this File Extension has different programs that automatically create backup copies of existing file.If windows cannot open the File Extension Bak there might be corrupted or missing file registry.Don't panic! Your file was still recover just follow the instructions.

Guys, you know how long it takes me to recover my updates? It is more than three months! My back ache comes out in tracking back all the data first is by daily basis,next is by weekly ,quarterly and yearly basis report status.whew! It is tough to complete the template.I gonna teach you to save your file safely.This is FREE download ! So, download now , explore and BAK your files.The File Extension Bak save the data securely because the files cannot be open directly.It need the appropriate program that created the Bak file.Your file is protected !But, I will also recommend a free scan to easily detect error in your computer system that can cause malfunction of hardware.

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