24 March 2009

I Plan to Study Again

I am planning to get an education units so that I can apply for par time teacher. Global crisis is getting worse and manufacturing was already slow down.I want myself to be ready for what ever consequences we are experiencing now in the company. I am searching online Teacher Certificate Program that will allow me to take the teacher license exam ( as for government employment entry ) and qualify me to teach in school.I believe that teacher has no crisis although they have small salary compared to the private sector because their overtime was not paid not like in the manufacturing.They love to serve the community and country.I have found one school near my place (Letran -Calamba Laguna).The estimated expense for one semester is 14,000pesos.The course will be finish for 2 semester only or 18 units.If you complete all the requirements you are already qualified to teach and take the licensure exam!

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