22 January 2009

Write Protect

Losing a files is not easy to recover.Transferring a files is not safe because we all know that computer virus transmit easily.I have done some ways to take care my USB.It's about time to share.
How to write protect your USB
  • USB drives comes with write protector just switch them to read only drive.
  • If the USB drive protector feature is missing you can use USB write protector utility.
What is USB write protector utility?
The Thumbscrew : this utility is a freeware application that write protect your USB drive so that virus from your host computer will not be able to write anything in your USB drive.Simply,right click the system try icon and chose Make USB read only.

If you have a USB Write protector it is good too-this is just a small utility that you can always carry with you in your portable drive.It is also like thumbscrew.

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