18 January 2009

The School Girl

This girl is the eldest among the two boys in the family.oh..well,she is my cousin in mother side .She is a high school graduating student in a public school. She told me yesterday that she want to study college even two year course only.I ask her : Who will sponsor your school needs? she didn't answer..
"I am willing to finance you but my salary cannot manage to pay both tuition fee,house bills and food allowance".I added..
It is tough to be the eldest in a broken family situation.Her mother left their house for almost five years already.They don't have any contact where she is right now.I have search in TESDA ( technical-vocational education training center) scholarship program .
The general qualifications are:
at least high school graduate
16-55 years old
must pass the pre training assessment administered by TESDA
must no pending criminal case

The cousin is qualified hoping she pass the exam.I have to cross my fingers about this girl first.

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