10 January 2009

The Island

I am proud to post the overview of the island where I came from.Maripipi island is located in the northern part of Biliran Island.About 45 mins. pump boat to Kawayan.The island is compose of 13 barangays,it is not just a small island that you can tour for an hour by motorcycle.The place had already electricity and mobile phone signal plus Napo beach resort and concrete road.This is how fast the improvement of my hometown.If you had plan for a visit the best souvenir is the native earthing cooking pot "daba" it has different sizes and styles, coral reefs and home artistic accessories.
And of course , the beautiful beaches surrounded with white sand.I remember the mother in-law of my cousin spend almost three months in the island.She enjoy swimming and sun bathing almost every day.Before, she go back to Austria she never missed to bring corals.If you gonna travel to seek for adventurous desire,solace and comfort Maripipi Island is open and welcome for everybody.


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Angie R said...

You live in very beautiful surrounding. Lucky you!

Angie - just a passerby....:-)