8 November 2008

Can Stress Makes you Stupid?

There are various types of stress that most of us suffer.In my case, I have always a dandruff but I am not aware that it was cause by stress.I have change my shampoo and conditioner ,visit the salon twice a month for hair and scalp spa and use different anti - dandruff shampoo still my scalp did not get rid of dandruff.Until such time that my skin was already infected so I visit to the dermatologist that company doctor recommended me.She ask about my job,schedule, hours on duty for a week so on... aside from the treatment and medicine,she advise me to rest for 2 or 3 days a week which helps a lot to make my scalp clean.My dandruff is sign when I am already stress at work.If I had a straight duty plus overtime in a week.I need to rest 3 days next week because my dandruff comes out.For acute bursts of stress like the kind you feel right after hearing a bad news or experiencing a traumatic event slow the memory and learning centers in your brain for up to an hour after the initial feelings subsided, this called "intense stress" which literally cause mental meltdown resulting to irritable feeling,make a wrong decision etc.To ease these effects,try to hold off on crucial decisions until you're feeling calmer but most of all find time to relax and unwind yourself in social thing.

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