11 October 2008

Phone Calls

I never give my mobile phone number to anyone without asking their number too.So, that I will know who is calling or sending me messages.On one occasion , I was having my duty at work someday is calling my phone. No number showed up on my screen.I answer it and it was outside the country call" my cousin". The following day, I had a strange call !I answer it immediately,I thought it was my cousin again.Unfortunately, he is not! This time is a girl introduce herself that she is my classmate in college.She ask my present address because she wanted to visit me. But, she don't want to tell me her name.She said its a surprise! I was confused because she don't want to answer my questions but she keep asking my personal identity. I am a suspicious person.I turn off my phone because my work was distracted. In my break time ,she keeps calling and calling me even in bedtime. I divert my phone number to my old number so, she cannot make a call anymore . I guess she was annoyed because she send me nasty,filthy messages.I reported her number to Report Annoying Callers. I know almost all of us have different experienced of phone calls .So, no need to fret in searching just go to Phone Numbers . Simply, type the number and see what others tell about her style.

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