14 October 2008

Citrus Fruit

In the Philipines specially in the area of cagayan valley,central luzon and southern Tagalog region "calamansi" grow rapidly but there are also areas with average harvest. Calamansi or "lemonsito" or "calamundin'' is very good source of vitamin C.It is a family of Citrus Fruit.
Early in the morning a man ( it was sunday...I remember ) is roving around the subdivision to sell his calamansi tree. I had bought one for 150 pesos and planted in front of the house.Now, it grow up healthy and soon we can harvest the fruit.


Joops said...

we don't have those here and wifey said she misses those..

chubskulit said...

miss ko na kalamansi lalo na if im cooking pansit and fish.