22 September 2008

Week Recipe

Since, we are now five living in my house to shoulder all expenses is really a burden for me and tata.I cannot afford to told them not to eat for breakfast or lunch...lol....All I have to do is to buy veggies or dried fish in a week. Because, if we will have meat,hotdog and fish only every week it is costly for us.A veggies is cheap and nutritious. I usually cook "pinakbet"or mixed veggies in a week.Sometimes grilled eggplant Dip and a fried tipalia fish or smoke fish .For grilled eggplant Dip,here is how
to do:

2 or 4 pieces grilled and peeled eggplant
1 piece red bell pepper,grilled and peeled
2 cloves garlic minced
1 tsp.flat leaf parsley,chopped
1/4 cup virgin olive oil or vegetable oil
salt and pepper to taste

1.Place grilled eggplant,grilled bell pepper and garlic in blender.Process for 5 seconds
Transfer to a bowl and set aside.
2.Add parsley,olive oil to eggplant mixture.Mix well and season to taste
3.Serve ...

easy.. right ??? find time to try!


faye said...

love to it pinakbet ,
lalo na may bagoong isda..sarappppppppp
pinakbet ng ilokano....oke din pinakbet na may lechon kawali (crispy meat)..i tried it in bohol...
tama ka dyan veggies is good for us not all the time meat.

ckulit said...

sarap naman, i dont cook pinakbet though coz hubby is not fond of it, however kumakain ako nyan pag may mga gatherings filipinoes here.. Tortang talong ang mahilig ang asawa ko, kahit araw arawin kong lutuin siguro kakainin nya lol!