22 September 2008

Happy Moments

Living in a boarding house is good because your free to go anywhere and spend your money as long as you want.That's me and Tata for the past months.We go to the mall, shopping..dine in ..visit my favorite pizza house..watch movie...buy my favorite brownies..etc..we spend our day off that way.The benefit is we both gained weight..lol...When I decided to transfer my house we limit the malling and shopping time.Instead, we spend much time in the house cleaning, cooking,watching TV and DVD tapes, practicing autocadd, internet surfing and of course my blogging hobby not boring but it keep us busy. Life changes fast.The important is ..I am happy and contented what matters life will go.Evrything change for a reason and I belive that most reasons are worth .


artofreed said...

if you and your family happy, I'm happy too.

May God bless you all of the happiness !

ckulit said...

Its cheaper to just stay in the house, cook and eat hehehe..