8 September 2008

Blogger Mobile

I get interest this way of blogging.Since, I have no laptop using my mobile phone I can easily post anywhere, update my blog,visit my blog friends anytime.Isn't it exciting?

Here How it works:
-Send MMS or email to go@blogger.com from your phone
- You will receive new address of your mobile phone blog plus a claim code
-Post your new mobile blog or use the claim code to link your phone to a different blog.


Blogger mobile works with any device that can send email via MMS...If you want in just few clicks try in some sony Erickson cameraphones.


ckulit said...

wow that's nice! My indonesian friend said that there's limit to your access, di ka daw basta basta makapagpost ng comment sa iba.. is that true?

yub said...

yep..not like in PC you can access and publish comment.pero enjoy dn namn chelle