10 August 2008


Since, I'm working in a night shift schedule until the month of September it is stiff to balance the time.As Saturday night comes I want the clock to move fast so, its Sunday already my day off ! I can do something in my blog, go out with tata after mass.But, this sunday my scheduled was pre occupied in many things so, no time to go out with tata.I think, He will cook something to eat in the house. I need to sleep early because tommorow morning I will convoy my cousin in Batangas for his interview.I do hope everything will do good.

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chubskulit said...

Speaking of night shift, just got done with mine from 5 to 12 midnight.. whew, that was tough.. I miss putting my kids to bed.. Still have one more on Sunday and I am not looking forward to it hehehe..

Goodluck to your cousin!