14 August 2008

Eventful Week

I missed browsing and updating my blog, sending messages and reading blogs from friends listed in my blog roll,updating my entrecard...more...I think I have lots to do in my blog this coming week.I get busy in our company statistical process audit.Updating charts assigned to me both machine and process .Thanks that I did not fall dull while Im doing my update. After, update we will have to present to auditors ( company partner's big bosses ) .I hate if I feel nervous because I cannot explain my part well. This is one of a very challenging event to us.
Another, tough experience this week is having a 36hours duty in the company.That could be my fault too. Monday morning I go with cousin for her interview , good that He passed.And ,he is schedule for training this coming Aug.19,hoping to pass all the training exams.I forgot, I gonna work at monday night and I can't get replacement for me so I have no choice but to go for duty until tuesday in the afternoon.since, tuesday is SPC day.Good that Tata had to present his chart too and He bring me a piece of dress and wet tissue in the company.Cold coffee and stretching on chair helps a lot, I didn't fall asleep until SPC presentation practice was done.I am really exhausted that day . whew!

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