5 August 2008


Stress is the main cause why dandruff comes out in our head but sometimes the kind of shampoo too.But in my case, I had already dandruff since college days . I don't mind because it disappear after a few days.As I started working in a manufacturing company ...wow! I gotta a terrible dandruff even my eyebrow,hairline and rashes in my forehead . I try already to use commercial dandruff shampoo like head and shoulders,nizoral,herbal essence etc...but it didn't work out.I get shy if I wear a black shirt because of my dandruff.Sometimes, I gonna call my friend to rub my scalp so, dandruff will falls down but when I take a shower my head sore.So, I decided to visit a dermatologist.She ask me : How's your lifestyle? and How stress you are at work? She said "I should have time to unwind myself".She prescribe me a medicine for 15days, conzace vitamins for my protection, moisturizers oil for my scalp ( derma mixed ) and shampoo.I give time for myself to relax , after a couple of weeks it disappear but it occasionally comes out if Im stress.
This is what I do if dandruff comes out :use apple cider vinegar (Bragg's) diluted in a water and apply on scalp for an hour or buy a oil in department store massage my scalp before taking a bath or I buy a hot oil for my hair depends upon the day off I had .
The important is to drink plenty of water and eat fruits and veggies! and I do still take my conzace vitamins!

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Holly Jean said...

:) hi again..

i get dandruff when stressed.. or if weather is v hot.


i use head n shoulders. and I must rinse off all the shampoo very well.. if not i will flake again!!! hate it!