28 August 2008

Call Center

Call center the name itself explains the meaning.It is a place where customers and other telephone calls are handled by organization usually computer automation. Last, sunday manila bulletin issue a newly open call center near my place is a mass hiring of call center agents. The position I like is customer service representative for non-voice.The non voice is basically surfing the internet and answering clients thru e-mail.This fits for me because I am not good in speaking especially my English diction that sometimes slip in Bisaya accent :-).I try to take an exam not just I don't like my job anymore.I am after of the partime position but sad to say they have no partime slots anymore.

1 comment:

sweetie said...

hi there sure ex link... call center ok lang if you have an average level sa english languae mahahsa naman yan.. i have alot ofr davauenia?! :) officemates bisay accent pero ok naman sa english... san ba plae mo makapag aaply nga sa call center na yan!