23 July 2008

Yub Place

Maripipi is the island where I came from it faces to .gonna think where it is?Visayas Region.In the province of Biliran,Philippines before we are in the zone of Leyte by 2005 Biliran separated.I can't just imagine how my place swiftly improve.Before, we have no electricty, no vehicles ..only a single old truck owned by chinese businessman.I never experienced to watch television until I graduated elementary, at home we don't have gas stove we use wood as fuel for cooking.Life is so simple.Saturday all of us go to the farm ( nanay,tatay ,yub and my DOG)...we have planted crops,coconut etc..we have a nipa hut where we cook our food for lunch after meal I go to the peak place where I could watch the beautiful islands.It is very relaxing around 4pm we already go home.Fresh vegetables, fruits, fish..everything was there.
Recently, I visited my hometown it perk up hastly.The place and the people changes a lot.Only few do farming,children was already updated in television programs,games etc. Elementary school was supported by solar energy for the students to do film showing.Highschool know already how to use computer.Im feel that everybody is blissful and Im proud to be.

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