20 July 2008

Stress plus Fatigue Fighter

Pinays live in a lovely tropical country and you'd be loving it......except that you feel like a slug when your alarm goes off or by midday.Plenty psychological things can drain energy plus emotional stress can be just tiring.Also,working in a manufacturing firm;call centers;Offices... loaded with paper works.. projects ..meetings or appointments and even moms at home who is working all day in the house causes energy slump too.

I want myself to be stress free, but working in a manufacturing company I can't escape.I know if im on stress because dandruff comes out in my head..geeesh....for now I gonna had to maintain hotoil and I use ph shampoo plus conzace vitamins.I feel good it work.

Here are some Fatigue fighter I could share you can just on to see if one of these sneaky energy zappers could be keeping you from feeling rested:

Eating some nuts with your fruit-proteins and fats stabilize blood sugar;thus send your blood sugar sky -high and what goes down will come high.Another, if your working in a chilled area your body produces heat and it consumes energy,plus being uncomfortable result tiredness so, pacing to pump up your blood-try walking to talk to co-workers instead of sitting down and facing your laptop all day.

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