19 July 2008

All about TaTa

After,I get well the distress of my x-boyfriend break up whom been a part of my life for more 3 years,Tata startlingly came into mylife. He is the eldest among the 4 siblings,knowing him started last December 2006 in a company christmas exchange gift which almost everybody's do even at home.Ordinary practice is picking up of roll paper with names.Fortuitously,he pick mine.
Unfortunately, he ask one of my workmate who is also my friend about who am I.
The awaited Day came he hand over me a soft puppy stuff with long ears.
All that started about me & tata for almost 3 months finally he wins my heart.( still im having a second thought for tata if we will work...hope it is. ) I like Tata for being understanding all my childish act.Hope he will be like that forever.lol. And if I get mad ,he will buy one brownies or cook food or hang-up in the mall .
Tata loves to collect gadget magazines sometimes we have to bicker in the mall because he wanted to go first in gadget section or gadget magazine corner and watch out the latest T3 issue.T3 includes not only latest gadgets model but also gadgets prices,tips in selecting or buying gadgets , etc. If your fond of gadgets just find out in T3 MAGAZINE it will help .Even, if Tata can't afford to buy those things still he update himself latest gadgets model.I remember he told me "this is one of my interest" huh! I thought He gotta lot of interest in me ONLY....how pretty & nsexy I am ...cliche'd :-)

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